Crila® – A Saw Palmetto Alternative and Why Bette Davis Would Understand

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December 5, 2014
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December 24, 2014

Crila® – A Saw Palmetto Alternative and Why Bette Davis Would Understand

Most of us are no longer in the classroom, but school’s never out when it comes to learning new ways to cope with aging. I’m mindful of Bette Davis’s classic complaint “Old age ain’t no place for sissies!” Over her 60 year career, Davis fought the big studios, ill health and aging. Her epitaph reads, “She did it the hard way.” For most men, a decline in prostate health function is accepted as the natural fallout of aging, but you no longer have to do it the hard way. You can fight back and Crila® is your new weapon in the battle to maintain prostate health. 

As men concerned about prostate health grasp the “Healthy Aging” concept, they team up with powerful allies: Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Supplements. We talk a lot in this column about Lifestyle and Nutrition choices you can make to benefit your prostate. Today we toot the horn for our own prostate herb.

Do you want to promote your prostate health, regain urinary control, both night and day, and remember what it’s like to sleep through the night again? The new buzz word in natural prostate health is Vietnamese Crinum latifolium. If you’ve seen the other side of 40, or worry about a family history of prostate problems, adding crinum to your healthy aging game plan is a smart move. But there’s a catch . . . You knew that, right?

You have to get the right stuff  – Vietnamese Crinum latifolium is not all the same. There are at least thirteen different sub-species of Vietnamese Crinum latifolium but only one has been clinically studied and proven to benefit prostate health in 89% of the men in the study. Crila® is made from the proprietary cultivar Crinum latifolium L var. crilae Tram & Khanh. Now there’s a mouthful. Why does it matter? Because you’ve only got one prostate. It matters.

Explore the Crila Health website to know about the generations of history behind “The King’s Herb” – thought by traditional Vietnamese herbalists to promote longevity, virility and support a healthy immune system. The right one was so rare in the wild, by law, it was kept secret, reserved for the exclusive use of the royal family. It’s a compelling story.

Then see for yourself the quarter century of research to develop today’s Crila® conducted by the pharmacologist Dr. Tram Nguyen – Vietnam’s top scientist. Wait, you just saw that name, right? You don’t get a plant named after you for nothing. Browse the Crila Health website for the full story. Selected highlights:


  • Dr. Tram, who received her PhD in Europe, has worked with European scientists for nearly 30 years, and was recently recognized by the World Bank for several of the innovative R&D technologies that brought you today’s leading-edge Crila®.
  • Results from new research with the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy (UIC), conducted under a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), were recently published in the American peer reviewed Menopause – Journal of the North American Menopause Society. Scientists from UIC confirmed what Dr. Tram knew from the start – Crila® is Estrogen Free. That’s good news for your prostate!
  • Learn why it’s important to choose this botanically authenticated, clinically studied crinum for your prostate.
  • Learn why it’s important to choose a concentrated extraction of the correct, clinically proven Crinum, that has been refined into a standardized formula. You know by now, before you put it in your body, you have to check labels carefully. The label should identify the specific extracted alkaloids and reveal their potency.
  • And finally, learn why it’s absolutely critical to know both what to leave in and what to take out of the formula to safeguard your prostate health. Some components common to many varieties of Crinum are actually harmful to male sexual health. If you’re considering a cheap ‘full spectrum’ crinum leaf product, you’d better think twice.  


If other combination prostate supplements didn’t give you the benefits you’re looking for, if you need an alternative to saw palmetto, if you jumped at the chance for a cheap crinum but were disappointed in the result, don’t give up. Get Crila® on your side. This prostate herb is different. While it’s true getting older ain’t for sissies, there’s more to it than that. We are here to help you achieve wellness.

There’s only 1 genuine Crila®. You’ve only got 1 prostate. 

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