Crila®for Uterine

Focused support for uterine and ovarian health.*

Encourages menstrual comfort.* 

Promotes Ovarian Health.*


Supports a healthy immune system.*

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I've been perimenopausal and suffering every month for several years now. I've been taking Crila for 2 years now. I cannot be without it! Crila restored natural, healthy menstruation every month, allowing me to work, play, and function normally.


Moray Heather


After 3 years on Crila®, my uterus is in very good health!...I feel terrific.


 Colleen Dee, Canada

I learned about Crila® from one of my clients who is a perimenopausal woman in her late 40's. While treating her, I sensed that her body was out of balance, and I sensed that she had recently stopped taking something that she needed to resume. When I informed her of my feeling, she told me that she had started taking Crila® for Uterine Health this year, but had forgotten to pack her Crila® for the two week holiday trip. She has continued to be my client, and I note that her body is back in balance since she has resumed taking Crila® to support her uterine health going into menopause.


Debbie Creagh, Ireland, Singapore, Bangkok. Certified Siam Reiki Master

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