Five top tips for getting back to sleep!

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February 19, 2014
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Five top tips for getting back to sleep!

A common complaint we hear from both men and women is that they are fed up with suffering from sleep deprivation. As we all know too well, not getting a good night’s sleep is no joke. Sleep deprivation can make you lethargic and irritable. Your cross disposition can have a knock-on effect to both the personal and professional relationships in your life. It’s not just waking-up frequently – often from prostate health problems in men, or the dreaded night sweats suffered by menopausal women – that is the main problem. It’s the inability to get back to sleep that causes the real frustration. So we did some research and found some tricks you can add to your arsenal for getting back to the land of ZZZs and wake up feeling refreshed.

Stay in the dark!
If you wake up and need to use the bathroom, do it without turning on the lights. You are a big boy or girl, I’m sure you can find your way!  The problem with light is that it stimulates our bodies and brains, so staying in the dark will make it easier for your body to relax back into sleep mode. The brighter the light and the longer you are exposed to it will affect how much your body becomes active and stimulated by the light.

Read a book or magazine
We are all familiar with the sensation of not being able to keep your eyes open whilst reading a book. So long as the subject isn’t too exciting, reading will calm your brain and body which means it shouldn’t be too long before you feel your eyelids getting heavy. Of course, reading requires a light but, it should be OK, so long as it’s a dim lamp.

Keep still
For some strange reason tossing and turning is very appealing whenever you can’t get off to sleep. It’s even stranger when you realize that it’s the very last thing you should be doing. Too much activity is interpreted by the brain as a reason to stay alert, making it that much more difficult to fall asleep.

One way of controlling your movement in bed is to concentrate on something else – and I don’t mean your iPhone or laptop, as this will stimulate you. I mean focus on counting sheep, or relaxing your body muscles starting with your toes. If you have the discipline not to let your mind wander, you should be snoozing again before you reach your knees. This kind of mental concentration, like meditation, takes practice, but give it some time. The rewards are worthwhile.

ay no to siestas
It is so tempting at times to have a little power nap during the day, especially if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. But if you can resist the temptation you should do so.  Napping during the day can create a habit of your body thinking it should awaken during the night. Resist and reap the benefits of a restful night’s sleep. Good night!

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