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How can Crila® for Prostate benefit me?

  • Promotes Normal Prostate Health.
  • Supports Healthy Urinary Function.
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System.
  • Contains No Phyto-Estrogen.*


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100 day money back guarantee for Crila Health Herb

100 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We work hard to formulate the most advanced products on the market.  Our 100 day customer satisfaction guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to experience optimal results from Crila for Prostate. 

How Many Bottles Should I order?

The most popular order for new customers is the 3 bottle package, however longterm customers usually opt for the 6 bottle option as it provides the most value and convenience.

What are the ingredients for Crila for Prostate Health?

When can I expect results?

Some men report improvement within 48 hours, but every body is different. Results vary, yours will too. Most men taking Crila® for Prostate herb reported a beneficial difference within 60 days, although many men feel results sooner. You should continue the Load Phase for a minimum of 60–90 days. After this Load Phase you may stop taking Crila® for Prostate health or continue with the recommended Maintenance Phase to help maintain your results. 

How long should I take Crila® for Prostate?
For optimal long-term support, it is recommended you follow the Load Phase with the recommended Maintenance Phase with a minimum of 2 capsules per day. Some men have been able to stop taking Crila® for Prostate without effect. For others, they’ve had to repeat the Load Phase to regain the benefits.

Are there any side effects of Crila® for Prostate?
There are virtually no significant side effects reported with Crila®. Amy natural substances may cause a “side effect” in a small population of sensitive individuals. If taken on an empty stomach you may experience mild nausea, so take Crila with food. “Mild nausea” is defined as nausea not severe enough to need a medicine or other product for relief of the nausea. 

Can I take Crila® for Prostate if I am currently taking prescription drugs?
Always consult your doctor or healthcare professional when taking any new product. Crila® is a non-estrogenic herbal supplement to promote prostate health and therefore should not interfere with most prescription drugs. It is recommended to wait four hours after taking your normal medication before taking Crila®.

Is Crila® for Prostate safe?
Crila® for Prostate is grown and manufactured under strict conditions to ensure consistent quality and purity. Safety and security procedures are followed at every stage under the international requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines as issued by the World Health organization (WHO). Our factory is registered with the U.S. FDA; plus certification for Good Agriculture and Collection Practice (GACP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Storage Practice (GSP).

Is the production process safe from contamination?
The making of Crila® for Prostate health is a 100% vertically integrated process. All stages of the production, from nurturing new plants, cultivation and harvest, to the extraction and encapsulation processes at the factory, are under the strict supervision of Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and her family run company. 

Are pesticides or chemicals used for growing the Crinum latifolium plants?
No. Soil and water conditions at the plantations are tested at the Pasteur Institute and the Department of Agriculture. The plantations are located in areas strictly reserved for organic farming.

What if Crila® does not work for me, is there a money-back guarantee?

In clinical trials 89% of men experienced improved prostate function. However If you are not satisfied after taking Crila® for Prostate, we will refund your purchase price up to 100 days from your date of purchase. 

Who do I contact for other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care department by email at info@crilahealth.com and a representative will respond within 24 hours. You may also call our U.S. toll free number 1-855­-CRILA-4U or 1-855-274-5248

Crila for Prostate Health

In clinical trials over 89% of men saw an improvement in prostate health within 60 days!

Crila® for Prostate is a natural and effective alternative to Saw Palmetto. It’s safe, clinically-proven, hormone-free herbal supplement which helps maintain the health of the prostate gland. Scientists have identified key alkaloids and flavonoids in our proprietary Crinum latifolium cultivar, which naturally support prostate health, help maintain healthy urinary function, and also promote a healthy immune system. You may have had mixed results with other natural options, but don’t give up. Try the prostate herb that is clinically proven


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