The Fear Report

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January 13, 2014
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January 16, 2014

The Fear Report

Today’s comment on a new report from industry leader Nutrition Business Journal is another chance to bang the drum for the  Crila® products’ clear superiority with respect to supply chain safety & transparency. The Nutrition business Journal is a highly respected source offering well researched and sutstantiated data.

In the latest report, NBJ  discusses “The Fear Report 2013-14: Dietary supplement industry executives’ top 10 concerns…” Among the top fears that keep executives awake at night is the uncertainty about the integrity of the ingredients and raw materials they buy and use to make their products. Companies must often rely on the representations or ability of others to trace ingredients back to their source. The goal is to know with absolute certainty where an ingredient or product came from, the conditions under which it was produced, and if the ingredient came from a plant, then where and how the plants were grown. The report talks about how best to do that in the two leading countries which produces so many of our raw materials and ingredients: China and India. These countries are of particular concern because of safety short cuts, and outright adulteration and contamination that has sometimes resulted in tragic scandals for human or animal health.  

Few products enjoy Crila®’s absolute and unbroken chain from Farm to Factory to Consumer. The NBJ report goes on to note that there is “little substitute for boots on the ground.” We agree, and maintain a strong resident presence in Vietnam, working side by side with Dr. Tram and her team who are growing and producing the Crila® you buy directly from Crila Health. We sleep well at night. You can too…..  

In more ways than one! Try Crila® for Prostate if frequent urinary urgency is keeping you up at night. 

28 May 2014

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