Prostate Herb Testimonials



"5 months on Crila® improved my prostate function. Crila® is now part of my daily regime to maintain prostate health."


Dominic Price, Singapore



"After taking Crila® for 2 months, I must say that there is a definite improvement & life is now much more comfortable. Many thanks!"


Ian Woodrow, France





"My results have been so good, that now my wife is considering to try Crila® for Menopause.” 


Henrik E, Sweden


"Within a month I noticed an improvement...I liked it so much I invested in the company"


Ralf Neate, Santa Cruz, California


Geoff Schlitz: Convinced about Crila!


"Changes to my prostate health began a few years ago.  Whilst travelling in Vietnam a friend there recommended Crila® Prostate herb to me, so I tried it.  After a couple of months I was sure that I noticed support for healthy urinary habits. ...I am now convinced that the Crila® is the reason for these benefits."* 


Louis L: Have even recommended it to several of my friends


"I have been taking Crila® herbal supplement since 2006, for over 5 years now, and am quite happy with the positive results - support for healthy urination. In 2003, I tried out several types of prostate health supplements. Not only were they relatively expensive but without much success. In 2006, I happened to learn about Crila® prostate herb (scientifically known as Crinum latifolium L) from Thien Duoc Co., Ltd., a Vietnamese company specialized in herbal supplements based on traditional Vietnamese botanical plants. I then decided to meet with Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram, the researcher and developer of Crila®. Dr. Tram kindly explained to me that Crila® was made using local organic plants grown in optimal controlled environment and persuaded me to give it a try since it was quite safe, without any side effect. Overall, I am quite satisfied with Crila® and have even recommended it to several of my friends, male and female."*  

Louis L., Paris, France


Ralph Neate, Santa Cruz, California


”When I was 64, a friend recommended the prostate herb Crila®. Within a month I noticed improvement, and after 3 months I appreciate it very much. After several months, I moved from the Load Phase to the Maintenance Phase of Crila®. For the last 2 ½ years I’ve just taken 2 Crila® capsules a day to maintain these benefits. I’ve experienced no negative side effects and have recommended Crila® to several friends who are also highly satisfied with the results. In fact, I liked it so much that I invested in the company.”*


Harry A., Hawaii


"I’d like to thank Dr. Tram for her marvelous research and development of Crila®…This letter is to certify that Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram PhD, developer of Crinum Latifolium L and Crila®, has positively influenced my health and quality of life. ... In November 2009, I read about Crinum Latifolium L. and Crila®. They offered a new hope and I was eager to try Crila®. After taking eight (8) capsules a day, for two weeks, I began to get positive results. . . .  I'd like to thank Dr. Tram for her marvelous research and development of Crila® that has ...(promoted) my prostate health, and improved my ... well-being, and quality of life.”*


Henrik E.(37), Sweden


"I am a 37 year old Swedish man....  have tried many of the traditional herbs that are used to support prostate health, without much effect... 

Recently I discovered Crila®. (A)fter reading about Dr. Tram and her extensive research, I decided to try Crila® because it is natural, organic, and seems to have an excellent history of good results for men. My initial results were great! I noticed almost immediate improvement . . . within 4-6 days. .... I am continuing the recommended Load Phase for another 60 days, so that I will have a full 90 days. I wrote to Dr. Tram and learned that during this Load Phase, I can increase my intake, up to 10 capsules per day, if I believe there is room for greater improvement. I have found that 8 capsules per day is working well for me. My results have been so good, that now my wife is considering to try Crila® for Menopause.”*


Ian Woodrow, France


"After taking Crila® for 2 months, I must say that there is a definite improvement & life is now much more comfortable. Many thanks!"*



Ed Barrow / Retired, New York City, NY


"After 3 weeks on Crila I will never be without it again! My urologist at Columbia told me to keep taking Crila for Prostate."


Bill Henderson


"Of the dozen prostate products I’ve tried, Crila for Prostate is the best! ... At age 81, a welcome improvement! And in the 6 months I’ve been taking it, I’ve had zero side effects!"


Roy Walkenhorst


"After only two weeks, I noticed the benefits frequently reported by Crila® users.  So I’m pleased to be  giving my prostate all-natural support without any negative side effects."


Phillip Daniel


"I had to start taking care of my prostate in my early 30's. I tried every prostate herb product out there. Crila for Prostate is best by far."


Ken Malik Founder / Director, Prostate Awareness Foundation


Benefits felt at two and a half months. 

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