Maintaining Your Normal Flow & Stream

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January 13, 2014
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January 13, 2014

Maintaining Your Normal Flow & Stream

Most men over a certain age will inevitably suffer with prostate health problems at some stage during their life. Being mindful of this and looking out for changes which may indicate something is not quite functioning as it used to, should help you and your doctor to detect and address possible problems earlier. 

Below are some indicators of things that you can be on the look out for:

1. Change in Normal Urinary Function 

2. Change in Urine Flow

3. Change in Urine Stream 

4. Getting up Often at Night

If this sounds familiar then your doctor will probably ask you to complete a survey which looks at changes to prostate health, and your emotions towards these problems. For example, “If you were to spend the rest of your life with your urinary condition just the way it is now, how would you feel about that?” Answer options range from ‘Delighted’ to ‘Terrible’.

As you and your doctor or healthcare provider plan your approach to maintaining your prostate health, do your homework. There are many options and treatments available for your consideration, including natural prostate herbs. You may be surprised by the range of options available to you.

We have found the books on prostate health by Dr. Aaron Katz and Dr. Mark Scholz to be particularly relevant and helpful.

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