What Crila customers are saying:

"Crila® has cut my urination frequency in half. I’d recommend it to every man that needs it. It’s the only thing that’s ever helped me."  >>Read More

Frank Ward, North America

''What I now recommend for aging men is Crila®… As a result of my personal experience with Crila®, I’ve had the opportunity to refer some of my patients to Crila® for their urinary issues. I’ve had extraordinarily good feedback from them…usually within a week''  >>Read More

Dr. Jason Kelberman, California

''My wife heard about Crila® and asked me to try it. After two months I was convinced. I now take Crila® daily for prostate health…I am an orthopedic hand surgeon and I practice in the southern part of California''  >>Read More

Ralph Neate, Santa Cruz, California

"Within the space of a month, I had perfect sleep again… Serious return of sexual function… Within the space of a month, I had perfect sleep again. Sleep is so important for one’s daily cognitive function. "  >>Read More

Paul Brown, UK

"My doctor said, “It’s good. Just try it.” (Now) We sleep throughout the night…Both of us are more pleasant with our grandkids, and also with the public. - Crila® has been a very good supplement for me >> Read More

Senator Hillman Frazier

I’m a board certified internal medicine doctor. I was skeptical when I first heard of Crila®. I did my own research. I found that the research was great. I then tried it on my own patients. They had a great response to it. >>Read More

Neil Furman, DO