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Crila® for Prostate is a natural and effective alternative to Saw Palmetto. It's safe, clinically-proven, hormone-free herbal supplement which helps maintain the health of the prostate gland. Scientists have identified key alkaloids and flavonoids in our proprietary Crinum latifolium cultivar, which naturally support prostate health, help maintain healthy urinary function, and also promote a healthy immune system. You may have had mixed results with other natural options, but don’t give up. Try the prostate herb that is clinically proven!*

Crila® for Prostate is proven to promote prostate health in 89 percent of the men who use it. Few natural products can claim such clinically proven effects.*

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Sometime in his 40s or 50s—or as early as his 30s—every man realizes he needs to take prostate health seriously. It’s natural and normal. But no one wants to talk about it! That’s too bad, because there are simple actions you can take right now to support and maintain prostate health long into the future. Begin with getting regular prostate exams. Then look into a natural option that really works.

True Health is Proactive, Not Reactive

You might be in your 50s, and prostate health is already high priority for you. Perhaps you’re younger. It’s never too soon for an adult man to begin taking Crila®.

Why wait? Get pro-active about prostate health!