Crila for Menopause: Buy a 90 Count & Get One FREE


Crila for Menopause: Buy a 90 Count & Get One FREE

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  • Dr. Recommended
  • Eases Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.*
  • Focused support for uterine and ovarian health.*
  • Promotes a healthy immune system.*
  • Contains No Phyto-Estrogen.*



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As a women’s health advocate for the past 35 years I credit myself with keeping up with the latest developments to support women’s health. I recently learned about Crila herbal supplements developed by an award-winning woman pharmacist in Vietnam. I’m amazed at the results I’ve read from the studies conducted on Crila and want to share this new-found resource with you TODAY. Crila Health has made a special offer available from me to you. I recommend you grab it immediately and share with your friends.

Clinical study demonstrates that Crila® supports uterine health*

Are you a younger woman looking for natural support for normal menstrual flow and healthy uterine function? Are you a mature woman experiencing the symptoms of peri-menopause? Or is menopause on your horizon? Are you searching for a hormone free approach to maintain uterine health?  In addition to good lifestyle choices, natural herbal support from Crila® for Uterine Health can help support normal menstruation at any stage.

Crila® for Uterine Health is the premium research-proven alternative that you are looking for!

A 3 month study of 195 women evaluated the possible benefits of Crila® for Uterine Health to support healthy uterine function. The results from the study were impressive – 79.5% of the women experienced beneficial support for uterine function.* One-third also reported specific benefits associated with healthy menstruation including reduced discomfort and reduced flow.*

If you agree that supporting uterine health is a serious priority for your active lifestyle, then add this maximum strength herbal extract to your daily wellness program.* You’ll be glad you did.

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