Crila® for Uterine Health

Crila® for Uterine Health


Estrogen Free

100 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Dr Recommended
  • Estrogen Free
  • Encourages menstrual comfort.*
  • Helps promote a healthy menstrual cycle*
  • Helps support normal menstrual flow and uterine function
  • Supports a healthy immune system.*
  • Focused support for uterine and ovarian health.*
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Product Description

Clinical Science shows that Crila® promotes uterine and ovarian health*

Perhaps you’ve tried other natural products to support uterine health, but the effects have been minimal or unpredictable. Don’t lose hope.

Crila® for Uterine Health contains a strategic blend of our patented Crinum latifolium cultivar, plus lotus seed and kudzu extracts to provide synergetic support for women’s health. We have developed a unique cultivar that is optimized for its beneficial alkaloid content and clinically proven to support uterine health.*

Crila® for Uterine Health is the research proven, natural alternative you’ve been looking for.

A three-month hospital-based study of 195 women found that Crila® supported uterine wellness in 79.5 percent of the participants. Many of the women also reported a decrease in menstrual discomfort and flow after taking Crila®. Side effects reported were slight, and included mild nausea (often remedied by taking Crila® with food), headache, and vaginal dryness. These minimal side effects decreased with time and medical intervention was not necessary.

You’re looking for a safe and natural alternative. Add this maximum strength extract to your ongoing wellness program!*

Discover more about the herbal ingredient in Crila® for Uterine Health

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