Crila® for Prostate

Crila® for Prostate


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  • Dr. Recommended
  • Maintains Health of Prostate Gland.*​
  • Maintains Healthy Urinary Function.*
  • Contains No Phyto-Estrogen.*
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Clinical study demonstrates that Crila® supports prostate health*

Are you a man over 40 searching for a natural approach to maintaining prostate health? Are you a younger man trying to make good lifestyle choices now to ensure prostate health long into the future? Perhaps you have been discouraged with the unpredictable or minimal efficacy of saw palmetto and other herbal products.

Crila® Prostate supplement is the premium research-proven alternative that you are looking for!

A 2-month study of 157 men evaluated the possible benefits of Crila® for prostate health and healthy urinary function. The results from the study were impressive – 89 percent of the men experienced significant support for prostate health and maintenance of normal urinary function.*

If you agree that maintaining prostate health is a serious priority, then add this maximum strength extract to your ongoing wellness program.*

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