Crila Health Supports NPA for Supplement Safety

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October 11, 2013
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October 11, 2013

Crila Health Supports NPA for Supplement Safety

The Directors of the Natural Products Association, United Natural Products Alliance, and the Consumers Healthcare Products Association recently sent a letter to the editor of USA Today in response to an article on risky sports supplements published on Thursday, July 25. The letter pointed out that supplements provide substantial benefits which have been documented by decades of research, and that consumers should be confident when buying from reputable companies. the letter is reproduced in its entirety below. 

“As leading associations representing the manufacturers of dietary supplements, it is important to assure consumers there are critical differences between the illegal products referenced in the USA Today article and the lawful supplements millions of consumers rely on every day for their continued health and well-being.

Dietary supplements provide countless health benefits, which have been documented in decades of careful research. They are regulated by both the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission.

This article reports on adulterated products masquerading as lawful supplements. Our members fully support FDA’s efforts to rid the market of illegal products that both pose a danger to consumers and tarnish the reputation of the legitimate supplement industry.

Dietary and prostate supplements on the market today have an excellent safety record, and manufacturers are required to comply with all government requirements for product ingredients, claims, and labeling. Consumers should always purchase dietary supplements from a trusted company and read and follow the Supplement Facts Label. If the product claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Consumers should be confident in the quality, safety and reliability of lawfully sold dietary supplements.”


John Shaw
CEO & Executive Director
Natural Products Association
Washington, D.C.

Loren D. Israelsen
United Natural Products Alliance
Salt Lake City, UT

Scott M. Melville
President & CEO
Consumers Healthcare Products Association
Washington, DC

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