Crila® for Menopause - 180 Vegetarian Capsules

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Hot flashes were 40-60 per day! After only a few days on Crila®, the night sweats and mood swings were much better. Hot flashes had reduced in both intensity and number by 75%.


Colleen Dee, Canada

Other herbal products didn't work for me. I flushes, low energy, and could never sleep more than 4 hours at night...Crila®changed my life. I sleep very well, my temperament is more calm, and my energy is good. I have been taking Crila® for a year now, and have no hot flushes anymore.


Vilma Barboza, Singapore

Focused support for uterine &

ovarian health.*

Prior to taking Crila®, I experienced 6 to 12 hot flashes a day, plus uncomfortable night sweats...within 2 - 3 days my hot flashes sleeping through the night...I am symptom free. Crila® provided a wonderful relief and improved my quality of life.


Sheila MacDonald


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I felt the effects immediately, I felt a surge of energy like augmented ‘chi.’ The hot flashes are gone, I have a lot more energy in mind and body. Crila has definitely earned a place in my permanent daily supplement intake. 


Laura Burke, USA

Eases Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.*

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