"After only 7 days taking Crila® my hot flashes were significantly reduced and the night sweats almost eliminated"

Pattie B, California

Menopause Herb Testimonials

Vilma Barboza, Singapore

"I began menopause at 38, now I am 41. I tried other herbal products, because my belief is that herbal products are safer and more beneficial than pharmaceutical drugs, but the other herbal products I tried for menopause didn't work for me. I suffered from hot flushes, low energy, and could never sleep more than 4 hours at night before waking. It left me feeling drained, always tired, often cranky and dispirited. I found it hard to concentrate on my work. A friend recommended Crila® for Menopause. After I tried Crila® , it changed my life a lot. Now I sleep very well, my temperament is more calm, and my energy is good. I have been taking Crila® for a year now, and have no hot flushes anymore."*

Sheila MacDonald, Canada

"Prior to taking Crila®, I experienced 6 to 12 hot flashes a day, plus uncomfortable night sweats. I started taking Crila® to ease these symptoms and within 2 - 3 days my hot flashes disappeared and I was now sleeping through the night. Drinking red wine often triggered the hot flashes, however to my delight I found I could enjoy a glass of red wine, without tolerating the hot flashes. I was gradually able to decrease my daily dosage of Crila®, over the course of 1 year, and am no longer taking it. At the moment, I am symptom free. Crila® provided a wonderful relief and improved my quality of life. I am grateful. I can't say for sure if it was Crila®, it may be that I am no longer perimenopausal, but I am grateful just the same." *

Cool in California

“Our mutual friend Mannie Barling, who has written three books on natural products, natural healing, and living a healthy lifestyle, referred me to your fabulous product. He and his wife Ashley, a registered nurse, are at the forefront of new health information and I trust them with their recommendations. My husband Jeff and Manny were having lunch one afternoon, and the subject of my hot flashes came up. Image that!! He he! So when Manny suggested that I should try Crila® for Menopause , I was more than willing. I was ready to try anything! At this point in my life, I want to enjoy and not be hassled with ridiculous symptoms that make me grouchy, miserable and plain uncomfortable. I was flashing constantly! About 5 times an hour during the day at work and wanted to rip my clothes off constantly. Much to my co-workers distress—haha! ☺ After using the Crila® for about 2 weeks the symptoms have disappeared! My husband has noticed! My co-workers have noticed! And most importantly I have noticed!" Thanks Crila!!!*

Shelly Neate, Santa Cruz, California

”I had already been through the menopause 8 years ago. My knee was recently fractured in a fall which required surgery to repair. Following the surgery, I began experiencing severe hot flashes as though I was going through the menopause all over again. I have since learned the hot flashes can resume in post-menopausal women following general anesthesia. The night sweats were horrible, head to toe, and I had hot flashes throughout the day. It would be worse if I had any alcohol to drink, especially red wine or tequila, my two favorites! Because my husband had taken Crila® and it worked so well for him, I knew there was a version of Crila® for women that helped menopausal symptoms. So I tried Crila® for Menopause, following the recommended dosage according to my weight. Within 2 days my symptoms started to decrease. By the end of 2 weeks, I reduced my usage and now take approximately half the recommended amount on a daily basis. If I’m going to go out, or drink alcohol, I increase my capsules. My symptoms have essentially disappeared. If I don’t remember to take my Crila® then the hot flashes return. I am really pleased that I no longer have to change my pajamas in the middle of the night, and I’m very thankful that I was able to solve my problem with a natural product. My husband was so impressed with Crila® for Prostate that we invested in the company, but I never thought it would help me, too. Crila® is terrific!”* Shelley N., Santa Cruz, CA

Patti B, California

“Crila® changed my life! I'm in my early fifties and had regular hot flashes and night sweats. After only 7 days taking Crila®, my hot flashes were significantly reduced and the night sweats almost eliminated. I take 2 capsules of Crila® in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon and will add 2 capsules in the evening for more benefit. My adult acne has seemed to diminish also from this supplement and I just feel terrific! Crila® has changed my ‘change of life’ for the better. Even my husband notices the differences!!!"*

Sue McKinney, Managing Director, Crila Health

"I met Dr. Tram after 13 years of living and doing business in Vietnam. Her years of past research and passionate goals for Crila® were so impressive that I resolved to help her bring Crila® to market internationally. Two years into our project of plantation expansion and construction of the new factory I found myself going into menopause. Suddenly I was getting 9-12 hot flashes a day. Saigon is hot and humid enough, I didn't need the extra heat! and I found the unpredictable loss of control over my body totally unacceptable. I'm 6' tall and started a Load Phase of 7 capsules per day. Within 2 weeks, I noticed my hot flashes were down by 75%, both in number and intensity. I took the Load Phase for 90 days as recommended, and was happy with the results, but hoped I could do even better, so continued for a 4th month. I was learning more about medicinal herbs, and what to expect, and accepted that herbs can take longer to be effective than pharmaceutical drugs. The 7 capsules a day were a small inconvenience for great results. After 4 months, 99% of my hot flashes were gone, and I was sleeping better. At first, I found a maintenance dose of 2 caps per day not quite enough for me. At 3 caps per day symptoms remained under control. If I'd forget for a few days, they would come creeping back. Eventually, I put a small travel bottle of Crila® in the car, at the office, and in my gym bag. Now I've been on Crila® for 3 years, and might have a few mild flashes each week. I've dropped Maintenance down to 2 caps per day. I will not go off completely, because I believe strongly in the herb's properties to maintain comprehensive wellness."*

"After using the Crila® for about 2 weeks the symptoms have disappeared!"

Cool in Clifornia

"I started taking Crila to ease these symptoms and within 2 - 3 days my hot flashes disappeared and I was now sleeping through the night."

Sheila MacDonald, Canada

"Within 2 days my symptoms started to decrease''

Shelly Neate, California

"Crila® has changed my ‘change of life’ for the better. Even my husband notices the differences!!!"

Pattie B, California

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