Doctor Prescribes Marriage for Prostate Cancer Survival?

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November 26, 2013
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November 26, 2013

Doctor Prescribes Marriage for Prostate Cancer Survival?

The study¹ conducted by Dr. Mark Tyson, MD and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona is certainly interesting, and provides fodder for catchy headlines, but keep in mind that is not the same thing as a conclusively proven outcome. The only known modifiable prostate cancer risk factor which has been proven by research is the avoidance of obeisity. 

Having made that point, consider the data that the Mayo researchers analyzed for 5 year overall mortality and disease-specific survival rates in 115,922 men with prostate cancer. They found that unmarried men had a 40% increase in the relative risk of prostate cancer-specific mortality and a 51% increase in overall mortality after the statistics were adjusted for several factors.  The five-year disease-specific survival for married men was 89.1% compared with 80.5% for unmarried men.The data also showed that men who never married were more likely to die of any cause after a prostatectomy than men who were married. Other studies have shown similar results, but Dr. Tyson also ennumerated several objective and subjective factors in the available data that could account for the study results.

One line of reasoning is that wives are more mindful of their husband’s health than the men themselves, and encourage (or nag) the men to seek medical advice at earlier stages. Unmarried men are subject to greater social isolation and unhealthy behavior patterns. When he first delivered his findings to the American Urological Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta last year, Dr. Tyson Tyson pointed out that “Marriage is one of the most important types of social support and has been linked to favorable biologic profiles with beneficial changes in cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and immune function.” 

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¹Canadian Journal of Urology (2013;20:6702-6706). Study results first delivered by Dr. Tyson to the Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association in Atlanta, Georgia, May 2011.

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