Four Common Sense Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms

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July 30, 2014
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Four Common Sense Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms

If you ask a group of menopausal women what the menopause is like, virtually every answer will be different. Symptoms can, and usually do vary considerably, especially when it comes to the severity of hot flashes. This makes the menopause a very personal experience for most women, however nearly all will agree that it can be very unpleasant at times.

Whether your approach is through conventional allopathic channels or you prefer a more natural path, here are some common sense tips to help you get through this difficult transition and hopefully make your hot flashes more manageable.

Stay cool

One of the most complained about symptoms has got to be night sweats and hot flashes. These occur because of a malfunction in the body’s temperature control system. They usually begin one year after your period stops, but can start sooner. There are several ways you can ease them:

• Keep your bedroom cool and wear light nightwear

• Wear lighter clothing during the day

• Increase your exercise regime

• Avoid spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol as they can be a potential trigger

Adjust your attitude

The placebo effect is a most intriguing scientific phenomenon. It is one reason why no menopause product will ever have the exact same effect on two different people. Our attitudes and, more importantly, our ‘beliefs’ about how effective an approach will be, often has a dramatic impact on the results. It’s mind blowing stuff. Psychologists at Staffordshire University and King’s college in London found that ten out of thirteen studies undertaken all reported that women who had the most negative attitudes about the menopause reported the worst symptoms and the highest incidents of problems.

Take time to relax

Changing our attitudes and beliefs is a lot easier said than done. One method for achieving this is to carve out time for relaxation, preferably meditation if you can, every single day. Make it a priority. If you are disciplined you should start to notice small improvements. When you feel more relaxed and calm you naturally feel more positive and have a better outlook on life.

Relaxation helps with a number of psychological symptoms that can affect our attitudes and moods such as tiredness, irritability and anxiety.

Kick the habit

There is a long list of benefits to stopping smoking. Aside from the more obvious ones, smoking can actually cause the menopause to start up to two years earlier, make symptoms feel worse, and lessen the effects of products intended to offer relief. Try looking at the benefits of quitting. You may find the positive benefits more inspiring that looking at the negative health dangers.

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