Integrated Health Conference

Prostate Supplement – Consumer Reports on Saw Palmetto
March 24, 2015
Scientists Investigate Maca Herb Supplement Adulteration
April 28, 2015

Integrated Health Conference

It was good to see those of you who joined us March 20-22 in San Diego at the 2nd Annual Integrated Health Conference.

Visit this link to subscribe to permanent access to the videos from the presentations at the conference. The videos will be available as soon as edits and uploading are complete: Integrated Health Conference 

 Doctors, healthcare and wellness practitioners from around the world shared cutting edge research and dozens of powerful healing modalities and solutions for addressing serious health concerns, boosting the immune system, increasing cardiovascular health, enhancing neuro-regenerative processes, improving energy and stamina, releasing toxic buildup, overcoming debilitating addiction, and shedding unwanted pounds.  

 Crila Health Director Sue McKinney was there with updates on the latest Crinum latifolium Tram research under protocol development this year with funding by the World Bank in Vietnam; new developments with our remarkable prostate health herb and updates on our menopause herb research. She illustrated the backstory behind the New York Attorney General’s reports of an herbal supplement scam, the good, the bad, and the ill advised; plus the growing controversy surrounding morcellation and uterine health.

 The conference expanded more than four fold over last year’s charter event. Keeping up to date with the latest in scientific breakthroughs and research can be challenging. The Integrated Health Conference provides an annual forum where professionals developing the latest science and breakthroughs come together in one place and bring forth their most recent findings.  


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