How well do you know your prostate?

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How well do you know your prostate?

As men age it’s common for the prostate gland to function less efficiently. Unfortunately this means most men will experience prostate health concerns at some stage during their latter life. Being vigilant  and able to recognize signs and changes as they occur is your best line of defense.

As you get older you will notice many changes taking place in your body, some of which are inevitable no matter what your lifestyle. The good news is some changes are much more manageable when you take better care of yourself, and this includes your prostate health.

Prostate changes to look out for A common problem associated with the prostate is the gland increasing in size. It pushes against the bladder and urethra which causes a frustrating result when trying to pass urine. There are other reasons why the gland may expand, including certain infections, so it is best to get checked-out as soon as you’re aware of anything not performing as it should.

It’s not just the difficulties in passing urine that can be troubling; it’s the nocturnal bathroom visits which can cause the most damage. As we know too well a lack of sleep causes a host of other issues, most commonly irritability which naturally impinges on your relationships too.

Maintaining a healthy prostate

Start with your diet, WebMD recommends cutting down on animal fats and avoiding the trans-fatty acids found in fried foods and margarine. They also suggest an increase in fresh fish to build up your Omega 3 levels, and of course, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. They also say you should avoid flaxseed oil and maintain a high calcium diet. You can read the full prostate health foods list here

That said, we have seen other studies which recommend avoiding a high calcium diet, so always consult your doctor before embarking on any radical changes.

Bad Habits

Once you have improved your diet, try to tackle your other bad habits; smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are a cause for concern. Eliminating these would be preferable, but if you can’t, then do try to cut down and moderate these habits .

Get moving

If you don’t already have an exercise regime it’s never too late to start. I’ve always found ‘regime’ to be an off-putting word, but finding something you enjoy nowadays really isn’t that hard. It could be as simple as a daily walk, cycle or swim. Making small improvements in these areas will have a major impact on your overall health too, not just your prostate health.

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