Tips for staying at your peak after 50

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June 6, 2014
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Tips for staying at your peak after 50

Maintain your memory

A study by Columbia University in 2007 discovered that people who exercised for one hour four times a week,  such as cycling or running had increased blood flow in their dentate gyrus, the part of the brain that forms memories.  One theory for this by the study’s author, a Ph.D., a neuropsychologist called Adam Brickman, is that the increased blood flow could create new brain cells or ‘neurogenesis’ as the process is known.  Another study found that muscle and strength training once a week gave the participants a 12% increase on memory tests.

Omega 3 may slow down your cells’ aging process

The University of California found that people with high Omega-3 levels have cells that age more slowly. As with many of these types of studyies, the researches don’t know why, but they theorize it may have something to do with Omega-3’s anti-inflammatory benefits.  It has been known for some time that ailments associated with aging bodies like Alzheimer’s,  arthritis and cardiovascular disease are related to chronic inflammation, says researcher Bowerman.  She suggests a diet of salmon and mackerel a couple of times a week would greatly benefit those over 50 as well as a daily dose of Omega-3 oil. 

The Journal of Applied Physiology concluded a review in 2008 by stating that the way to reverse arteries’ aging or at least delay the process, is to practice regular aerobic exercise.  Exercise improves the rate of your heart which boosts blood circulation, this generates friction in the lining of  the blood vessels and triggers a nitric oxide production. This enables your arteries to better dilate which helps to reduce inflammation which protects disorders developing in your arteries, says Douglas R. Seals, Ph.D, the study’s coauthor.

Maintain Muscle

As we age and become more sedentary we start to lose muscle, for a man this can be as high as ten percent every decade.  This loss of muscle is what leads most to osteoporosis, a condition where bones become brittle and porous fracturing very easily. So if you have had a weight lifting regime, try to keep it up or at least partly and if you have not, then it’s never too late to start. If you are interested in strength training, the American College of Sports has produced guidelines for those over sixty five. It explains that your training should also look at your balance, including your feet and ankle strength and your posture too.

It is tempting to let things slide as you age, but you shouldn’t as it just makes your quality of life much harder, esspecially when your health begins to fail. Making small changes in certain areas can have a profound impact on your overall physical and mental health, which can only be a good thing.







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