U.S. Supplement Sales on the Rise

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April 3, 2016
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May 12, 2016

U.S. Supplement Sales on the Rise

U.S. consumer sales of supplements in the natural channel grew to $11 billion in 2011 (NBJ Nutrition Business Journal). What’s driving supplement sales? Dr. Mehmet Oz is educating a significant following of American consumers across the board on alternative natural remedies, plus Natural Foods Merchansider reports the growing appreciation for the role nutrition plays in wellness is helping fuel supplement sales.

 “More people understand that drugs aren’t the answer, and it’s not a good idea to wait to get sick—so, there’s more focus and attention on prevention,” says Al Powers, CEO of Bloomingdale, Ill.-based NOW Health Group. With longevity, comes an appreciation for wellness and improved quality of life. CRILA’s mission is to provide that improved quality of life for men and women seeking Prostate, Menopause and Uterine health. Our mission is backed by research and a 100 day product guarantee.

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