Herbal Supplements Scam – Great News for Crila!

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February 11, 2015
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March 24, 2015

Herbal Supplements Scam – Great News for Crila!

When you invest in Crila® you can be confident that what is on the label is what is in the bottle. 

Here’s the thing – Crila® is subject to a higher level of enforcement and inspection precisely because we import our product. By the time a shipments hits our FDA-registered warehouse in Idaho, Crila® may have been inspected by up to 4 different U.S. government agencies.

Controversy surrounds the New York Attorney General’s investigation of well-known store brands suspected of being an herbal supplements scam. Debate will continue about whether or not the right test methods were used to determine the accuracy and quality of the products’ ingredients. Go through our website and previous articles in this column and you will see we have been talking about botanical authentication and the DNA sequence testing of our raw plant matter from the outset. 

Testing for botanical authenticity must be done on the unprocessed plant. Once it’s been processed as an extraction, or finished product, it is not possible to reliably conduct botanical authentication to determine the sub-species or variety of the plant. You can tell other things about purity, potency and quality by testing the finished product, but not the DNA markers that authenticate the botanical identity. The New York Attorney General’s office have now heard this from many quarters.

As one who recently brought a “new” herbal supplement to market, I’m here to say the industry has rigorous and comprehensive laws in place. Far from being an “unregulated” carnival awash with herbal supplement scams, the industry has worked ever more closely with regulators since the passage of the DSHEA legislation in 1994.

Enforcement of those regulations is a challenge when federal regulators face drastic budget cuts. To make the point with friends outside the industry, my comment is “The FDA has an enforcement budget of about 20 bucks.” The rise of a state’s Attorney General resolved to champion consumer protection is terrific! It’s unfortunate the AG’s office fell short on getting comprehensive expertise on their team before tripping up so publicly, but this can be remedied. Non-profits like the American Botanical Council and American Herbal Pharmacopoeia are there to help.   

Crila® – Our quality is unmatched.   

  • Crila® is the only crinum product on the market made from genuine Crinum latifolium L var. crilae Tram & Khanh – the only crinum variety clinically proven to benefit prostate and uterine health.
  • Botanical authentication. Before we brought Crila® to market, we conducted costly independent DNA testing of the raw plant matter to authenticate the botanical identity of this proprietary cultivar.
  • Other crinums we have tested do not contain key alkaloids credited with the clinical results delivered by Crila® and do contain other alkaloids common to the crinum species that we consider contaminants detrimental to male sexual health. You not only have to know what alkaloids to concentrate and leave in your formula, you also have to know what to take out.
  • Remember Crila® is farm to factory with no outside sourcing of questionable crinum. Any farmer can grow crinum latifolium, but there is only one source for the plants that go into making clinically proven Crila®.

You’ve only got 1 prostate. Willing to risk it?

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