FDA & herbal industry give insights on consumer safety at Botanical Congress

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September 1, 2015
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November 2, 2015

FDA & herbal industry give insights on consumer safety at Botanical Congress

I participated with more than 100 herbal products industry leaders and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials at the American Herbal Product Association’s (AHPA’s) 2015 Botanical Congress held on Oct. 9 at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. We examined many key topics for herbal products. I’ll take up several topics in the coming days. Most important . . .

Consumer concern for your right to safe products is #1. You have a right to know how we go about ensuring product safety. If we do a good job of communicating that to you, it goes a long way towards addressing the misperception that herbal supplements are an “unregulated” industry. I’ve brought a new herbal supplement to market, I can tell you that is not the case! The FDA regulates every step of our business, and where the FDA steps off, the FTC steps on.

We’ve apparently done a decent job communicating the safety of the Crila® prostate herb. We see a lot of you spend time on our Research page, and learning about Crila’s Farm – to – Factory – to Finished Product closed supply chain. No outside sourcing of the key Crinum ingredient. No herbal “confusion” or substitution of an inferior sub-species of Crinum latifolium. There’s only one doctor growing Crinum latifolium L car. crilae Tram & Khanh, and that’s our Dr. Tram.

So back to why the consumer perception that supplements are an “unregulated” industry? OK, there does appear to be media bias on that point. Is Big Pharma out there trying to limit your access to the supplements you want and replace them with costly drugs rampant with side effects? You decide.

Big Pharma wants supplements regulated the same as drugs. But in spite of the strong Big Pharma lobby, the FDA, Congress, and consumers have said, “No.” At the Botanical Congress, Dr. Michael Smith, the senior health scientist for Life Extension and host of Healthy Talk on RadioMD.com pointed out the fundamental difference between how strong chemical drugs interact with the body, and their potential for harm, and how food supplements act with the body, with their slower effect over a longer period of time, is fundamentally different. That’s the reason for the different regulatory approach to drugs vs. supplements. FDA regulations for drugs are not appropriate for food supplements. The regulations for food supplements are not appropriate for drugs.

This approach is reflected in our recommendations for how you take Crila® too. You start with a Load Phase over a period of time to slowly allow our concentrated formula of natural alkaloids and flavonoids from our prostate herb to build up in your body. We recommend a Load Phase of 60-90 days, but it can extend longer if you need more support. Then you drop down to a Maintenance Phase. Most men taking Crila® for Prostate begin to feel the effects within 7-10-14 days – but don’t drop down to the Maintenance Phase yet. You need that full Load Phase to lock on those benefits. Don’t shortchange yourself. Let the benefits sink in, then taper off. There’s only 1 Crila®. You’ve only got 1 prostate. Don’t settle for anything less.



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