Crila® Prostate Herb delivers healthy urinary function. 89 year old New Yorker now gets up ONCE at night. Happy New Year!

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December 24, 2014
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January 10, 2015

Crila® Prostate Herb delivers healthy urinary function. 89 year old New Yorker now gets up ONCE at night. Happy New Year!

This holiday season brought the best present ever. The good news comes from   Mr. Edward Barrow in New York City. In just 3 weeks, Crila® has delivered the goods for Ed – healthy urinary function leading to a good night’s sleep!

After years of searching for effective support for his prostate, Ed decided to try Crila®  and began taking it earlier this month. Here’s his story:

At age 89, Ed is not in the best of health, but he still travels internationally several times a year, and fully enjoys life. Except for the nights. Ed was getting up – up to nine times every night . . . He was very concerned about his prostate health and wanted some serious urgent follow-up. Ed’s longtime urologist recently retired and he says the VA won’t check your prostate after age 75, so he got a referral to a urologist at Columbia. In the meantime, desperate for improvement, Ed started taking Crila® for Prostate from a bottle his daughter had us send him last month.

Ed and his daughter spoke by Skype just before Christmas, and Ed especially asked her to let us know about his great results. He is now getting a good night’s sleep, getting up only once at night, and is over the moon with his results! With completion of a full Load Phase after 60-90 days, we hope Ed will be sleeping through the night, as many Crila® men report, waking rested and ready for the new day.

The day before Christmas, Ed took the bottle of Crila® for Prostate to show his new urologist at Columbia. The doctor liked what he heard about Crila® and told Ed to continue with it. The doctor feels the use of herbals is a good thing. He says Ed’s in good shape and can just follow up with his GP unless there’s a problem again. Columbia is well respected for its Center for Integrative Urology and Holistic Medicine.  

Men of Crila® – Have you shared your results with your GP or urologist? Please do!  Ed asked us to send our information to his new urologist at Columbia and we appreciate the introduction. We have specific literature for doctors and healthcare practitioners. We’d like to send the info to yours. More and more doctors recommend high quality supplements as part of an approach that integrates healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices into a comprehensive wellness plan. It’s best to address prostate health maintenance before you experience symptoms. Doctors are busy and don’t have time to read everything. There is nothing like your own successful experience to help your doctors discover something new to benefit their other patients. 

We’d love to hear from you too. If you have a personal story to share with us, please check out the REVIEWS tab – a new feature on our website where you can stay in contact to let us know how you’re doing. Just click on Prostate Health and find the tab midway down on the RIGHT side. Or you can always reach me here info@crilahealth.com

Happy New Year, and special thanks to Ed for sharing your great results!

Prostate Health tip for using the Crila® prostate herb: Every body is different. Ed got great results in a short period of time, but it can take longer for some men. Even if you get terrific results in just days, it’s still important to stay on the recommended Load Phase, determined by your body weight, for the full 60-90 days to lock in the benefits. Listen to your body. If you complete the Load Phase, but feel you might be able to achieve even more, you can extend the Load Phase for a longer period. 

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