Great Foods for Andropause and Women’s Healthy Aging

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June 6, 2014
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June 6, 2014

Great Foods for Andropause and Women’s Healthy Aging

Hard fact – our bodies change as we get older. Did you know that it’s not just women who go through menopause?. Men also may experience what’s called Andropause or sometimes it’s referred to as “Manopause”. This stage of a man’s like results in a lowering of testosterone levels which naturally occurs as men age, usually rearing its ugly head as fifty approaches. A decrease in testosterone levels may not sound too bad, but it negatively impacts the metabolism, prostate health and can increase the risk of heart disease. According to Web MD, andropause can also impact mood swings, sex life, sleep and concentration.  Does any of this sound familiar? It seems it’s not just the infamous women’s mid-life crisis we must endure, but now we must cope with the male menopause too!

The good news is there are certain foods which help aging bodies cope with the onslaught of physical changes which naturally occur with age. Recall the famous quote from Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” Better to invest in food that maintains your machine than pay the mechanic for repairs later. Eating a varied diet aids your immune system, always a good place to focus for overall wellness support.  Ensuring your fiber intake is right helps to maintain a healthy digestive system too, which really pays off as the years accumulate.  

Best foods for men over 50

What I am about to divulge will be quite depressing for a lot of men over 50… apparently lentils and beans are so high in protein and fiber they can actually be a substitute for meat. I can imagine a lot of men over fifty balking at the mere suggestion of substituting a beautiful sirloin steak with a plate of lentils. But if you are creative, lentils can be very tasty too. Perhaps try substituting meat with either of these once a week and see how you get on. You’re not convinced are you? Me neither. If it helps, a study from Loma Linda University found that men who consumed beans three times a week were thirty-three percent less likely to get colon polyps, which can lead to more serious consequences.

How well do you know your nuts?

There’s a variety of nuts which are good for your health and compared to organic meat, they are relatively inexpensive, convenient and make a great snack. Try adding chopped nuts anytime you are cooking a recipe that calls for ground meats. This will reduce the amount of meat in the serving, without impacting the flavor. In fact, nuts add a rich and satisfying taste. Keep a supply of fresh chopped nuts in the freezer. If the ingredients are conveniently at hand, you are more likely to include new healthy habits in your daily routine.

Worried about the added calories in nuts? A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition surveyed 31 clinical trials on nuts, and found that adults who added small amounts of nuts to their diet, and replaced other foods with nuts, actually tended to lose a modest amount of weight and inches, compared to people on a nut free diet. The unsaturated fat in nuts, plus the protein and high fiber, also helps to alleviate hunger.   

Almonds contain copper, magnesium, protein, vitamin E, and healthy unsaturated fats. Adding almonds has been proven to help with weight loss, and according to Medical News Today, almonds may also help improve sleep. Walnuts are often recommended to be part of a prostate healthy diet, and the high alpha-linolenic acid content may provide support for your heart at times of high stress. Brazil Nuts, (now one of the new super foods so no doubt five times more expensive than when they were just plain old Brazil nuts) are rich in Selenium which is essential for human health including prostate health. The Harvard Medical School published a report from 1996  in which Selenium was linked to a significant decrease in deaths from a number of fatal diseases – meaning they may actually be worth the hefty price they command.

Splash out

You’ll be relieved to hear it’s not all nuts, lentils and singing around campfires. You can splash out and add some fish to your diet too. Tuna and wild salmon are excellent sources of Omega 3, as are Alaskan king crab legs and oysters which also happen to be rather delicious. Tuna also contains selenium, the same as Brazil nuts. Selenium also preserves elastin which helps tighten aging skin. Tuna also contains zinc, which according to the Linus Pauling Institute helps with prostate health and sexual health. These are just some of the great benefits to making good choices. 

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