Your Safety & Wellness IS our business.

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December 27, 2015
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March 21, 2016

Your Safety & Wellness IS our business.

Does the Frontline dietary supplement story on PBS leave you feeling vulnerable, more confused than ever? You want safe effective products, but don’t know where to turn? More people are buying supplements than ever, but worry about who to trust. I like Dr. Geo Espinosa’s take on the bias of the Frontline story, so check it out if you want more.

From where we stand, the people who need Crila® the most are

1)   men over 50 seeking to maintain prostate function

2)   menopausal women

3)   younger women seeking uterine and menstrual support

It adds up to a lot of people! Media stories grab headlines by hyping problems, not offering solutions. Good stories don’t sell. Here’s the Good News!

MEN: fifty percent of American men notice declining prostate function by age fifty. Desperate and determined to maintain their prostate health, they’re looking for help without debilitating side effects. A safe prostate herb is mighty attractive, but . . . Is it safe? and will it benefit ME?

We’re thrilled to report that after seeing Crila® deliver positive benefits to his patients, nationally known prostate health specialist, Dr. Mark Scholz in LA is recruiting men right now to receive the Crila® prostate herb free during a study measuring the clinical benefits of Crila®. If you live in the Los Angeles area, check in with Dr. Sholz’ clinic at 310–827–7707 to see if you’re a fit for the study. Qualifying men receive the Crila® prostate herb free of charge plus $300 for clinic visits. Don’t live in LA? Try Crila® for Prostate.  

YOUNGER WOMEN: young women find almost nowhere to turn for uterine health support, while others want a simple means to promote healthy menstrual periods. Sometimes these needs are wrapped up together. For a lifestyle driven by safe, healthy choices – Try Crila® for Uterine Health.

“MATURE” WOMEN: (count me in here): menopausal woman may suffer years of symptoms during menopause. For some, like Hispanic women, it can go on for as long as 20 years. No thank you! I found a better way. You can too. Try Crila® for Menopause.

With the media hype about unsafe supplements – How can you know Crila® is safe? Why try for yourself to see if Crila® may benefit you? Generations of medicinal herbal history, coupled with 26 years of modern scientific research, plus our commitment to your safety & satisfaction, pay off for you. Here’s how:

Crila® is Farm to Factory to Finished Product. Seeing is believing. Healing Quest TV (PBS) reported on Crila® – Clinical research. No pesticides. No herbicides. No chemical fertilizers. Farm>Factory>You. No guessing about:

  • What’s in the bottle?
  • What middleman bought those unknown herbs in what far off place?
  • What unknown factory mixed up unknown cheaper herbs to stretch it out?

SAFETY TESTING: Our standardized extraction is right there on the label, not hidden behind a “proprietary formula” or a “full leaf powder” (by definition not an extraction) that doesn’t specify what you get. Eurofins labs in Louisiana use Atomic Absorption, High-Speed Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography to confirm Crila® is safe from heavy metals, lead, allergens and pesticides. Published test results by the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy also confirm Crila® is Estrogen Free.

BUT DOES IT WORK? Nothing works for everyone. But you don’t care about everyone. All you care about is if YOU will be satisfied with Crila®? You won’t know unless you try it. All we can tell you is that less than 1% of Crila® customers request a refund. In fact, most re-order. Again, and again.

That could be you.

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