FRAUD! Scientists denounce poor Crinum quality.

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May 12, 2016
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September 10, 2016

FRAUD! Scientists denounce poor Crinum quality.

Crila testifies in support of Ministry of Health crackdown on fraudulent Crinum products


(Ed: While you read the article below, keep in mind  

  • Crila® is made from a patented Crinum cultivar that is only grown on the Crila® plantations.
  • Crila® is the only Crinum latifolium product with published clinical studies and backed by 26 years of research.
  • Crila Health is the only distributor of Crila® for Prostate, Crila® for Menopause, and Crila® for Uterine Health.

Have you seen other Crinum products advertised for a cheap price and wondered Why? Now back to the article…..)

Excerpt from Thanh Nhien newspaper, 31 March 2016. Most Crinum latifolium supplement products have the problem of quality… March 31st, top scientists in medicinal herbal research reported to the Food Safety Dept of the Ministry of Health warning there are many poor quality dietary supplement products which claim to contain Crinum latifolium.   

Testifying before the government authorities, Prof. Dr. Nguyen MInh Duc, an expert from the Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy), said 84 samples of dietary supplements labelled as containing Crinum latifolium were collected from the market over the last year. Testing done at the Center found no presence of the standardized substance (Crinamidin) in some of the products, or very low level or negligible amounts in others.

Prof. scientist Dr. Tran Cong Khanh, former Chair of the Dept of Medicinal Plants (Hanoi Medical University) … provided a photo of a commonly used incorrect species, and reported that most of (the crinum) products do not use the correct species. Contrary to the products’ claim, those plants do not have the beneficial effect on (prostate,) uterine or ovarian health. “Using the incorrect herbal plant is a bell alarm about the quality of supplements”, he stated with concern. 

At the hearing, Mr. Le Van Giang, Deputy Director of Food Safety Department, admitted: “The state of poor quality supplements fraudulently using the name of Crinum latifolium to imply their products contain the same medicinal herb (ed: Crinum latifolium L var. crilae Tram & Khanh) that has been studied and researched for decades, is extremely urgent. “If I am the researcher (or) serious manufacturer, it is not acceptable at all.” Mr. Giang said after this hearing, the oversight agencies will conduct extensive quality control review of all supplements purporting to contain the beneficial Crinum latifolium. 

Note from us: The government tested 84.The 3 Crila products on the market in Vietnam are the only ones to pass the government inspections. Over the years, Dr. Tram has tested >200 sources of Crinum latifolium to confirm none meets her standards. Before bringing Crila® to market in the U.S. we conducted DNA testing on Tram’s plants at an American lab. Remember 26 years of R&D have gone into Crila®. Don’t be fooled by a wannabe. There’s only one Crila®. 

Each batch that goes into your bottle is first tested at the factory’s inhouse lab to validate the potency of 9 specific alkaloids and flavonoids present in our standardized formula, especially Crinamadine. Then each batchis tested independently for quality and potency by the Ministry of Health lab before it’s approved for shipment. The official documents accompany the shipment for FDA inspection. Testing is repeated regularly by Eurofins Laboratories in Lousiana to re-confirm the factory and Ministry testing. 

V.P. Thien Nguyen (photo – far right) manages production and quality control at the factory. His testimony to the Ministry of Health echoed concerns that various crinum copycats threaten the first class reputation of our Vietnamese herbal supplements. We aim to make Crila® a household word in American, setting the titanium standard for exceptional herbal supplements from Vietnam. In 2013, Thien accompanied Crila Health’s Export Manager Mr. Duc Do to the U.S. for training and Certification on FDA GMP quality control requirements, conducted by the Natural Products Association. 

Full Disclosure: we have taken editorial liberty in translating a few terms to better suit FDA approved terminology, without changing the meaning of the article. You can find the full text (in Vietnamese) 31 March 2016, ThanhNien.VN, one of the most respected national newspapers in Vietnam.

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