Crila® stands for Integrity, Purity, and Potent Prostate Health!

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January 13, 2014
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January 13, 2014

Crila® stands for Integrity, Purity, and Potent Prostate Health!

Today Mrs. Marlene E from Huntington Beach, California wrote . . .
“About a year ago my husband asked me to find him an all natural supplement he could take to keep his prostate in good health. I came across the Crila® website and was very impressed with Dr. Tram’s research on the potential of the crinum plants ability to support good prostate health. How herbs are raised and harvested is critically important if a customer wants to get maximum healing benefits from the plants.   
We were especially interested in how the Crinum latifolium L was traced to the soil in which it was grown and tested for it’s purity and potency. Your Crila® website has done an exceptionally good job in presenting the facts about your products and the research that has been done to educate the public on the quality these products can have on their health.

For these reasons my husband decided to take the Crila® forProstate supplement for almost a year now at a maintenance dose. He is very pleased with the quality of this product and will continue to take it and share your website with others. We feel that there are few products in the marketplace today with the scrutiny and integrity of Crila®. You are truly a Gold standard company offering the public  time tested products that can stand on their own. Thank you.

Marlene E.   Huntington Beach, CA

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