How Crila is Staying Strong During the Covid Pandemic

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July 8, 2019

How Crila is Staying Strong During the Covid Pandemic

Vietnam vs. Covid-19 – The Will To Do Whatever It Takes.

Many thanks to our Crila community for inquiries expressing concern for the health and safety of Dr. Tram and our Vietnam-based Crila team. Dr. Tram is well, staying close to family, working hard on her research and celebrating a new granddaughter. She thanks you for your well wishes.

Dr Tram Crila for prostate

caption: Dr. Tram visits some of Sue McKinney’s “family” on US trip to meet with American doctors and scientists, 2009.

Vietnam acted fast to win a decisive victory over COVID-19.  As of this writing, this densely populated country of 95 million people, sharing a border with China, has had no deaths and only some 330 total virus cases. By implementing crucial measures early, Vietnam showed it has the will to do whatever it takes. Authorities quickly understood the critical importance of testing – testing – testing – and isolation. April 20 data confirmed the ratio of tests Vietnam conducted to confirmed cases as higher than any other country in the world. The contrast with the U.S. is striking.

Covid 19 Chart

Cost was clearly not a limiting factor. Vietnam’s GDP is $245 Billion; US GDP is $20 Trillion. Hard to comprehend the scale of those figures really, but the disparity is axiomatic. The difference is decisive national leadership. With pop songs adapted to spread vital information, public health campaigns quickly went viral. Schools and businesses were closed down early on; a mandatory 14 day quarantine in government camps for visitors entering the country was imposed ( I heard good reports about the organization, food and friendliness of quarantine camp staff) followed by a decision to close all borders.  Borders remain closed to foreigners as of this writing, but domestic business is resuming.

Granted, Vietnam is able to take actions that would be nearly impossible in the U.S. Consider – once tested positive, an individual’s residential and work addresses were published as a matter of public record so others could determine for themselves if they needed to be tested. And tests were readily available. It worked. Lives were spared. Now the country is cautiously back at work.

Dr. Tram took this opportunity to implement factory infrastructure improvements, and all is running smoothly. Since food supplements are classified as essential industry in the U.S., work contracted at our new Oklahoma City facility continued uninterrupted, with heightened safety measures. We are open for business and anticipate no disruptions to the production and distribution of the Crila herbal supplements. 

Covid Relief Includes Vital Vitamins

Healthy Capsule

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Stay safe!

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