Crila® products contain  leaves, a plant that has earned GRAS status (Generally Regarded as Safe)—it has been consumed safely for over 100 years. The Vietnamese Ministry of Health approved the use of Crila® in 2005. Crila Health is part of a vertically integrated farm-to-factory process with an FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Our  plants are grown on our private plantations. Processing includes repeated quality and potency testing.


We use a proprietary extraction process and rely solely on a unique and proprietary cultivar optimized for supporting men’s and women’s health: . This cultivar is not available to any other brands, and it is the only Crinum used in Dr. Tram’s studies. Other products occasionally refer to her research, but they use a different variety of the plant, lacking the key alkaloids identified by Dr. Tram which deliver the benefits of Crila®.


 has a long history of traditional use to support men’s and women’s health. Modern clinical trials, utilizing Dr. Tram's proprietary  confirm the historical beliefs.

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Crinum Latifolium - The Plant Behind the Product

The Powerful Herbal Supplement You've Never Heard of . . . Until Now. 

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