Sourcing headaches! (not a Crila® problem!) & What does the Consumer (YOU) think?

FDA & herbal industry give insights on consumer safety at Botanical Congress
October 23, 2015
A4M – Healthy Prostates and Total Thermal Imaging
December 12, 2015

Sourcing headaches! (not a Crila® problem!) & What does the Consumer (YOU) think?

More Botanical Congress insights  

The Medicine Hunter – You know when you see a presentation by Chris Kilham on the agenda, you’re in for a treat – both entertaining and informative. Chris is the founder of The Medicine Hunter Inc. and is one of those herbal pioneers who circles the globe looking for nutrient rich medicinal plants from far off places to supplement today’s nutrition-stressed lifestyles. The New York Times has referred to Chris as “part David Attenborough, part Indiana Jones.”

At the Botanical Congress, Chris used the example of the surge in maca root demand to demonstrate the challenges for companies sourcing their ingredients from a variety of local farmers in faraway places. Whenever I hear these stories, I’m mindful of the enviable position Crila® enjoys with our Farm – to – Factory – Finished Product unbroken supply chain. We can trace each batch to the individual sections of the plantation from which those leaves were harvested.

Consumer Confidence. Another interesting insight came from Suzanne Shelton, managing partner of strategic communications at The Shelton Group, who told us that despite some negative media coverage, consumers still believe in their brands. You are concerned about the negative press effecting the industry overall, but feel the supplements you take do their job. We’ve certainly found the loyalty of Crila® customers to be extremely strong. It was apparent from the early days that more than half of all Crila® customers returned to buy again. As our market presence has grown, and we’ve acquired more data, the returning customer now represents 76% of sales. Crila® sales continue to climb as more people discover the benefits of our concentrated prostate herb formula and seek a natural means for herbal menopause relief.

You are right to be concerned about what you ingest, and need to feel confident that the products you use are safe. The industry must do better to tell you about the high standards we practice to ensure safety and purity to earn and keep your trust.

Apparently, we’ve done a decent job of it. You understand how the Crila® Farm – to – Factory – to – Finished Product model deserves your confidence. We thank you. We’ll continue to do our part to deserve your trust. Crila® is tested by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam; and in the US by the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy; and Eurofins laboratories. We belong to the American Herbal Products Association, the American Botanical Council, and participate in the Botanical Adulterants Program conducted by the American Botanical Council, American Herbal Pharmacopeia, and National Center for Natural Products Research.

Take all that tradition, all that science, and all those modern good practices, to tell your aging prostate to Take Five. Send the Crila® prostate herb to the rescue! You’ve only got 1 prostate. There’s only 1 Crila®.

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