black cohosh or saw palmetto not working for you?

Consider the weak link in the natural products industry: adulterated, mislabeled or wrong species of herbs being used to manufacture the products you buy. Nutrition Business Journal is a highly respected industry watchdog. Associate Editor Connor Link, interviews George Pontiakos, the CEO of BI Nutraceuticals, 22 May 2012, about Botanical Trends and Adulteration issues, the "weak link" in the natural products industry. As reported in Engredea News & Analysis, George tells us: • Adulteration - "the weak point in the industry. (T)he one point of failure within the entire industry (is) the supply chain... Adulteration is a huge issue."• "We're seeing a ... flood of black cohosh all of a sudden out of China, which is the incorrect species... (We're seeing) lack of the efficacious quality coming in."• "And of palm oil being inserted in saw palmetto, despite the contents."• "Have to make sure you have suppliers you can trust, who are doing the right thing in terms of surveiling the commodity chain."• "Adulteration and poor product is a function of greed." Watch the entire interview: Why am I telling you this? Why should you care? A key fact in your decision to make Crila® a part of your daily wellness plan is the farm-to-factory firect from-us-to-you supply chain. There is no outside sourcing of the Crila® herb from unknown, unscrupulous, or downright greedy suppliers! Dr. Tram grows her own plants on her own organic plantations. Period. You will continue to hear us pound on this point now and in the future. It is a circumstance that sets our company and the Crila® products apart from the majority of natural products. We are incredibly lucky. We know it, and are thankful to Dr. Tram every day for her lack of greed, and for her dedication and determination over the last 23 years to find the way to bring Crila® to you and the people you care about. Crila Health worked alongside Dr. Tram in Vietnam for nearly four years before she could produce enough of this rare herb for Crila® to enter the international marketplace and become  available to you. So what are you waiting for? Do you think the longer you wait that your condition is going to improve all by itself? Find out what all the fuss is about. Find out why generations of Vietnam's Royal family kept this rare herb all to themselves, illegal for ordinary people to use. Order now  to maintain your  We are so confident you will find the benefits you need with Crila® that we offer a 100 day money back guarantee.


 When a credible institution like Johns Hopkins recommends herbal supplements as a tool for prostate health, people listen. A recent article about prostate herbs noted, "If saw palmetto is going to work, it usually does so within the first month. Therefore, saw palmetto supplements should be stopped if symptoms do not improve after a month of use." If maintaining prostate health through natural means is your priority, try Crila® for Prostate. The clinical evidence is that Crila® for Prostate is effective for 89% of men (see the clinical trial conducted by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam accessed under the Research tab of this website). While it is often true that herbs take longer to work in the body than chemicals, most men taking Crila® feel the difference within two weeks, some within days, and for some it will take longer. Our 100 day money back guarantee gives you the time to realize the benefits for yourself without risking the bank.   We ship from our U.S. FDA registered warehouse and you will usually receive your order within 3 business days. Get started today!    

california walnuts & prostate Health

California Walnuts are part of a Prostate Healthy diet. The monthly newsletter from California Walnuts has good info and great recipes! This month's newsletter includes a tasty Father's Day recipe for grilled Beef-Walnut-Gorgonzola Sliders. You can sign up to receive the free monthly recipes at:

Sue MCKInney talks at google!

 I was on my way to represent the Crila® products at ExpoWest  - the huge international natural products show that takes place in early March each year. 60,000 professionals from the organic and natural products sector attended this year, from Mom & Pop health food store owners, to the big chains, multinational manufacturers and distributors, scholars, scientists, alternative healthcare and "selfcare" practitioners, and celebrity doctors. Crila® has attended or participated each year since Mark Blumenthal, the Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council, introduced me to the show in 2009. In 2010, we brought Crila® to the American market and exhibited for the first time at ExpoWest. This year we brought Mr. Thien Van Nguyen, the General Manager of our FDA-registered factory, and Mr. Duc Do, our Export Manager. Many of you know Duc if you have written to our website with a question or comment. Duc has assisted me at ExpoWest in years past, but this was Thien's first trip to America - but more on our Crila® "roadtrip" in another blog. At the Mills-Google event, it was a treat to see other Mills alumnae showcasing their talent. I felt Dr. Tram, the inventor of Crila®, would have been right at home amongst these women. She was a pioneer in 1990 - establishing her organic plantations by day, and working with the plants in the laboratory by night to unlock their secrets and discover the complex extraction processes required to create Crila®. She saw the need to grow what millions of men and women need  It takes for her unique plants to reach the biological maturity that gives Crila® the power to maintain prostate, menopause and uterine health. Dr. Tram’s Crila® is today’s Game Changer for the men and women of my generation who are looking for healthy aging options – all because of what she started over 20 years ago. I never tire of telling Dr. Tram’s story of struggle, achievement and success, and found a ready audience amongst  the “unstoppable women of Mills College.” But back to Bush . . . Michael Bush teaches Entrepreneurship to graduate students at the Lokey Graduate Business School at Mills College in Oakland, California. Do check out his website with the short video presentations, books and publications that will be invaluable in getting your business on the right path. In his talk, Bush set forth  he considers essential in framing a new business: MissionCashStrategyPeopleCultureProcessesStructureLeadership.  The crisp, clear thinking was an inspiration and made me want to be a student again, but only if I could return to Mills and study with talent like Michael Bush.The event was the first of its kind for the Palo Alto Mills club, but was such a smashing success, it will likely become an annual showcase. Once again, Thank You to the organizers from the Palo Alto Area Mills College Club, to Google, and to Mills College!Sue McKinney (Mills College Class of '75)Managing Director, Crila Health

Prostate disorders:  how kegal exercises help

This week's Johns Hopkins Health Alerts covers the use Kegel exercises to help men try to regain urinary control after prostate surgery. The article gives you step by step Kegal exercise tips. The booklet features discussions with leading experts at Johns Hopkins on specific options for treating prostate health to help you sift through all your treatment options. No prostate problems yet? Consider yourself lucky and start adding Crila® for Prostate to your daily wellness regime to maintain good . Order today.


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