Authentic Ingredients – Key Subject at Botanical Conference

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Authentic Ingredients – Key Subject at Botanical Conference

Are you getting the WRONG herbs in your supplements? The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) recently held its 2013 Botanical Congress in New York. A key subject was the importance of verifying the botanical identity of the ingredients manufacturers use to produce herbal supplements sold to American consumers.

There are two main problems. One is “economic adulteration” – with the rising costs of genuine high-quality herbs, buyers and sellers are tempted to substitute an herb of lesser quality, or a “look alike” herb that is actually a completely different plant, to produce cheap products. Second, is the issue of mistaken identity of an herb, when the buyer has not verified the authenticity of the herbs they are using in their products. This is a violation of FDA regulations. Reputable companies following GMPs Good Manufacturing Practices do test for both authenticity and lack of adulteration.

“You have to be able to identify every ingredient,” noted Anthony Young of Kleinfeld, Kaplan and Becker and AHPA general counsel, who participated in a regulatory panel at the Botanical Congress. “You have to be able to ID powders, extracts, the whole plant, and other plant parts. This goes beyond verifying the Certificates of Analysis and other self-affirming methods that your supplier has provided you. It’s a fundamental requirement that manufacturers get tripped up on all of the time.”

A stumbling block for most products is simply a non issue with Crila®‘s direct Farm-to-Factory-to-Consumer supply chain. Our “boots on the ground” in Vietnam, plus testing at independent American laboratories are there to insure you receive the highest quality Vietnamese Crinum latifolium that is only available from Crila®.

The Crinum latifolium leaves used to make Crila® are grown in Dr. Tram’s private, family-owned plantations. The unique variety of Crinum she grows are recognized as a proprietary plant that has grown out of a long history in traditional medicinal herbal lore. The leaves are harvested by hand and go from the plantation to her own GMP factory which is the only source of genuine Crila®. Plus, our products are re-tested at independent American laboratories to verify both botanical authentication and potency & purity. Whether you are seeking to maintain prostate health, or are looking for natural support for menopause and uterine wellness, don’t accept substitutes. Get some rest tonight!

There is only one genuine Crila®.

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