Crila Health came into being when a small group of people who tried Crila® themselves recognized the compelling importance of the proven therapeutic benefits this remarkable herb could offer you. We began in 2007 to support Dr. Tram’s plantation expansion and the construction of her custom built modern factory, while at the same time developing the scientific and business foundation to one day be able to offer Crila® to American and international customers. We are a management team and group of investors who see the potential to make a dramatic difference in the natural healthcare alternatives available to you for prostate, menopause, and uterine health. We have seen the benefits Crila® has brought to our own family and friends, and want you to be able to experience the same dramatic results.

Crila Health has created a healthcare company that is vertically integrated, with control of farming, manufacture and distribution, while supporting scientific research, education and innovative new product development. Vietnam harbors an astonishing wealth of botanical diversity that is only beginning to be discovered by the rest of the world. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of men and women by providing innovative new products, derived from time honored traditions, proven safe and effective by modern medical researchers..