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When a credible institution like Johns Hopkins recommends herbal supplements as a tool for prostate health, people listen. A recent article about prostate herbs noted, "If saw palmetto is going to work, it usually does so within the first month. Therefore, saw palmetto supplements should be stopped if symptoms do not improve after a month of use."


If maintaining prostate health through natural means is your priority, try Crila® for Prostate. The clinical evidence is that Crila® for Prostate is effective for 89% of men (see the clinical trial conducted by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam accessed under the Research tab of this website). While it is often true that herbs take longer to work in the body than chemicals, most men taking Crila® feel the difference within two weeks, some within days, and for some it will take longer. Our 100 day money back guarantee gives you the time to realize the benefits for yourself without risking the bank.  


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