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For over 10 years, Crila® for Prostate has helped improve the overall quality of life for men just like you

Maintains healthy prostate function*

Fewer bathroom trips*

Supports complete bladder emptying*

Promotes more sleep through the night*

Works quickly and safely without side effects*

Contains no phyto-estrogen*

Supports complete bladder emptying*

Improves overall quality of life

What is Crila®, and why should you take it?

Crila® is a unique patented plant from Vietnam, a descendent of "The King's Herb." Historically it was a closely guarded secret, reserved for kings and emperors. The royal doctors were not allowed share information about it.


That is until Dr. Tram Nguyen heard about this rare prostate herb while chatting with a street-side tea vendor who was knowledgeable about local medicinal herbs. Dr. Nguyen, considered one of Vietnam’s premier scientists, was searching for promising medicinal herbs to study at her European research lab. After she found “The King’s Herb” she devoted 15 years to developing the plant, officially known as Crinum latifolium, into a patented extraction to support prostate health. 



   Get welcome relief without side effects


If you’re a man of a certain age, you know that symptoms can creep up gradually, and you don’t even realize the problem…until one day you’re embarrassed by frequent visits to the men’s room. 

Crila® for Prostate provides welcome relief without side effects, including fewer bathroom trips, and more restful sleep. 



Why trust Crila®?


Certain leaves of Crinum latifolium have been traditionally used in Asia for over 100 years. But this rare herb was easily confused with other crinum plants which were not beneficial.  Dr. Nguyen Tram breeds a variety that concentrates the key compounds, producing a supplement that is clinically proven to be safe, effective, and give consistent results. She oversees two large plantations and a factory that produces Crila® in an undeveloped agricultural region north of Ho Chi Minh City. Her entire operation is pesticide and herbicide free, down to the fertilizer from cows that have been fed only organic food.

Awarded GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Status by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health in 1998


Manufactured in a GMP FDA-Registered Facility


Pharmaceutical-Grade Manufacturing Standards


Here are some truths about Crila. . . 89% of men reported improved prostate function after just 60 days of using this natural prostate herb supplement*

Our Clinical Trials


In 2005 the Ministry of Health in Vietnam approved independent research to study prostate health in 157 men over age 50 at the National Institute of Gerontology and two additional hospitals. There was no control group. Each subject was assessed at the outset and then twice more. Assessing urinary function using a recognized evaluation scale and Quality of Life score sale, the researchers reported 89% of the men improved prostate function after just 60 days.

 "After 3 weeks on Crila I will never be without it again! I showed it to my urologist at Columbia who told me to keep taking Crila for Prostate."


"My wife found Crila. After two months I was convinced. I now take Crila daily for prostate health"

"Two months proved to me and my doctor, now I take Crila everyday to keep my prostate healthy"





After 2 months

After 2 months


Graph 1: Severity of Urination Symptoms by IPSS Scoring System

Graph 2: Systematic IPSS score before & after 2 months

IPSS Score


Doctor Recommended Success Stories

"This works on Vietnamese people, so it will work on American people. A prostate is a prostate."



 -Dr. Tram Nguyen

Dr Tram Crila's Inventor Says...

Not all “Crinum Products” are the real deal. Here’s what you need to know in choosing a crinum supplement. The rise of copycat Crila® products recently caused the Ministry of Health in Vietnam to survey 84 different crinum products and growers – Crila® is the only crinum product to pass the Ministry’s standard. Every batch of Crila® is tested to validate the potency of nine specific alkaloids and flavonoids formulated in our exclusive standardized extraction made from patented and clinically researched Crinum la.

Beware! Only Trust Brands With Reliable Safety Studies


Be a Wise Supplement Shopper

Crila® is a serious investment in your prostate health. You have only one prostate. There’s only 1 Crila®


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