5 Foods Not So Great For Prostate Health

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January 13, 2014
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January 13, 2014

5 Foods Not So Great For Prostate Health

We have told you about the top foods for maintaining prostate health so thought it might be useful to highlight the foods which may not be so good. These are everyday common foods which most of us consume regularly, we’re not suggesting you live like a vegan we just want to keep you updated so you can make better, more informed decisions about your diet and prostate health. Everything in moderation is always a useful barometer I find.

Exhibit #1: Milk and Dairy Products 
Of course there is the calcium benefit from dairy, however too much and your prostate may suffer. The Harvard School of Public Health study conducted in 2001 followed over twenty thousand doctors for more than ten years. The research examined individual prostate cases and the level of calcium in those patients. More than 600mg of calcium a day meant men were 32% more likely to develop serious prostate health problems. 

Exhibit #2: Calcium Supplements
I know! The World Cancer Research Fund have actually classified calcium as a “probable cause of” serious prostate health problems. It is not just calcium from supplements which are bad it’s too much calcium in general, be it from dairy or non dairy products. So we’re back to the old adage of everything in moderation.

Exhibit #3: French Fries
I know they taste good, but sadly potato chips and French fries are just about the unhealthiest thing one can consume. It is not just the salt and saturated fat but also the acrylamide which occurs when you fry potatoes which is believed to be a carcinogenic. Non-organic potatoes are simply not good for one’s health regardless of being fried or boiled; the problem is they absorb just about everything, including pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The only really healthy potatoes are organic boiled ones.

Exhibit #4 Canned Tomatoes
The non canned variety are great for the prostate by the way, it is just the procedure of canning them which makes them an unhealthy option. The problem is bisphenol-A (BPA) which is found in the resin linings of aluminum cans. Tomatoes are acidic by nature which can cause the can linings to leak and contaminate the contents. Look for tomatoes cans embossed with a ‘BPA-free’ badge.

Exhibit #5 Microwaveable popcorn
If you are looking for a low-calorie, high-fibre snack then popcorn really is great, just try to avoid the microwave variety. Popping by air or in a pan may be a little less convenient but it is much kinder to your body. The problem is the bags which are lined with chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which has been linked to lots of nasty inflictions such as infertility and cancer in animal labs.

If you have been suffering with urinary urgency problems recently then it might be worth looking at your diet as a possible cause, changing your diet is much kinder on your body than taking medications.

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